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Saltair Part 2 by Jymie Darling

As I head back into the building, I check what Mary has found out.

Back in the old west, there was an Undertaker and he was very respected. It turns out that with an unknown turn of events, he was found to have robbed the bodies prior to burial. He was tried and found guilty, and sent out to be banished on this island in the Salt Lake. There is no food out there. There is no water that is drinkable. And there is no way just when the miles back through the dense Salt Lake.

Months later , the townspeople go back out to the island to see if he is still alive. There is no sign of him nor his body. And there was no way off the island. It is believed that after a few weeks he went mad, possibly drinking the salt water and then tried to swim back to the town. I guess that only the Salt Lake knows the exact truth.

I had in and I meet up with Susan Slaughter and we head back out to the lake bed. She tells me of the strange green orbs that have Lord her out there last year during this investigation. I tell her of what I found out about the Undertaker.

We walk up to the lake bed and the wind is blowing in the temperatures are dropping. We look out at to the island and we seem her green orbs. They’re not exactly at the island but they’re close to it. The funny thing is the island looks walkable distance and we decide we’re going to head out towards the orbs. 1 guest decides to follow with us. And the rest are too cold and too tired to continue. It is now 1030pm.

We begin to walk out towards the orbs. I get a text “where are You? Is Susan with you?” Susan’s flashlight dies. As i go to answer, i get another text from Mary “Jyms, dont get lured out there by the orbs…i have a bad feeling”. In the middle of answering the where are you… my phone dies.

We continue to talk and walk towards the orbs. Maybe 15 minutes and the orbs disappear. We stop and talk about returning back, when the orbs appear again. We continue towards them. We stop being cold and the wind is gone.

We seem to get no closer to the orbs nor the island.

The orbs disappear. We wait about 5 minutes. No return. We look back and see the building lights. They look to flick on and off. We figure they are signalling for us to return to the event. We head back.

We walk about 15 minutes and find ourselves at the dry shoreline. Now, we are following the building lights and yet we end up at least 100 yards off course and near the original Saltair.

We get chilled and the wind is blowing again. As we approach our area to walk up the dirt ramp to the building lawn, the wind is moving through the reeds. It sounds like water lapping on the shoreline.

Suddenly I hear a blood curdling scream and it comes from the area out by the Island. I turn and ask if Susan heard it. She says no. I figure maybe it is a bird or the wind. We step over a dead bird, crystallized by the salt it tried to drink. The scream returns and this time all of us heard it. It came from towards the Island. We turning look and the orbs are back in the distance dancing upon the lake bed. We stand at the top of the ramp deciding whether or not we should go back this time move faster.

Suddenly one of the coordinators comes out of the building and in a panicked relief, she runs up to us. We have been gone for over 3 hours and they were ready to send out a search party. 3 hours. Almost impossible to hear. They have been standing on the shore screaming our names and flashing flashlights in the hopes that we could find our way back out of the blackest Night. We laughed and said the moon lit our way almost as if it was a bright light and yet when we looked back out towards the island the moon gave us no light. I said well thank you for going to the second floor and turning on and off the light so that we could see where we were going and they looked puzzled is no such lights have been done.

As we got to the lawn, Susan and I looked back at the island…the orbs danced bright and green.

We will return. They will be waiting.

Thank you to M & L Paranormal for making this possible. Lydia, Kris, Londen and Max. And to Susan Slaughter, partner in adventure that evening.


Utah and the Saltair

At the ghostly after event at the Great Saltair. It was an incredible night. You can feel It in the air. Temperatures were dropping.

I stepped out of the car. Smell of salt in the air. The Saltair in front of me, a copper mine to left in the distance, the original spot of the Saltair to the right of me (approximately the same distance of the mine) and the grwat salt lake in front of all those.

I asked one of the crew to walk with me. The building did not catch my interest at all. There were no great feelings from it. The lake bed, it called out to me.

We walked up towards the edge of lake bed (now receded quite a ways in). A clear and distinct whistle from right behind us made my companion stand at attention. Immediately turning around, there was no one sight. This was already promising to be a great night.

We left to go into the building to check in and meet up with the rest of the group. I amused my host with tales of why one should never whistle, particularly at night. She was shook up. Poor Max.

We settled into the host area, and devoured some dinner.

I hosted a group of investigators but my mind was solidly outside. I just could not shake it.

I like to have all the facts and history of a place in my hands for an investigation. Not what others have found, nay, that provides a preconceived notions about what to expect. I want just the cold history. For that, I rely on Mary. Our Los Angeles group, S.C.A.R.E.D. (Southern Californian Allied Reseachers for Evidence of the Disembodied) run like a well oiled machine. I like to think of us much like the cast of Criminal Minds. Mary is our Baby Girl. She can find you all the info in a deep scrub.

I shoot Mary a text. Earlier in the day, she gave me what I needed to know about the building…including it was not even on the original site. I tell her that I am drawn to lake bed.

Within minutes, baby girl is sending Google shots, info, and more.

There is a perfect triangle. An island that continues to catch my eye out in the lake bed. I know it is there as I can make out an outline. The copper mine. Copper being an excellent conduit and mines are a source of tragedy. Finishing with the original Saltair site. I ask her about this. She tells me that it is odd as there are believed portals by a Shaman there. More than that, there is a Bermuda Triangle style energy there. The Salt Lake Triangle. Equipment malfunction. Small aircraft problems. Crashes. Boats sinking. All the makings of a perfect storm.

I ask her, what does that island have to do with it. There are a few out there but only one that matters to me. She says she will scrub and get back to me.

An interesting fact of no great importance to that night….the Donner Party crossed through here just before making the fatal turn into the high Sierras. A rock that was used as a guide still stands.

One more fact….it is a known body dump sight for years.

I take a small group out with me. I spin a tale of history.

Look out unto the lake bed. See how it looks like water? Yet, as we walk, there is no water. The lake has pulled back.

Visualize yourself coming across the grwat unknown. Tired. Cold. Thirsty. Hungry. You see this in the distance and you move towards it. More and more. Desperation takes hold of your mind and body. You drive your horses faster. You jump out and run to the water. There is none. It is an illusion. You keep going to the next one. The next one. You find yourself sinking in the sludge. If you do fond the waters edge….it is so dense with salt, it would be fatal to drink it. Some take that chance. Welcome to the highway of tragedy. Where you stand.

One of guests looks panic stricken. He begins to run into the lake bed screaming “I know it is right here. The water is right here. Everyone, we can survive.”

I grimace and go after him. I catch up to him. I ask him “honey, what are you doing?” He replies “We need water.” I remind him that we have cases of water in the building. He looks out to the black night of the Lake Bed….panicked. I grab his shoulders and ask him “and what if you find it? You cannot drink it, son. You will die. It is 3x the salt density of the ocean. And should you get close, you will sink in the mud. Should you get through that, you will drown in the density of the water. It is not like the Dead Sea.”

He snaps out of it and agrees to go back towards the building and the group. He looks towards the old Saltair point. We here a kid scream. His friend sprints off in that direction and he follows as do I. I stop them. I tell them, there is no human in trouble. A child drowned at the original Saltair. You are hearing the imprint.

My phone goes off as I am leading the group back to the building. Keeping the two teens in my sight as they are being drawn to the lake middle.

I return into the building. I meet up with Susan Slaughter, the other guest host.

Susan and I return to the lake area….in part 2 of this blog, I will tell you of our tale!

Watch “Ep. 56 – James St. James Learns About Magick” on YouTube


Did You Miss Me….

I promised to write more. And I blew it. 

I was asked to write for a movie script….which is going into pre-production. I have been optioned for at least 4 more (maybe more after). With some artistic control on set doing a few jobs. #newsaddles 

I was given a beautiful new horse from a veteran group. Now I have Roo and Remi. 

I got paperwork sorted out thanks to the morons AND found some TDY papers showing theater deployment. AND got more paperwork sorted….got my military ID with all my base privileges. So I have been on base shopping. (You know…because I am such a fake veteran and all according to 2 losers putting up multiple sites. 1 a basement dweller and  possible future  family annihilator and the other a fake PR rep that ripped off Pagan Day Fest and was fired for gross incompetence…then threatened me if I did not review her as A+. Ms Bargas….you are grossly incompetent and possibly insane. But keep joining forces with Mr Armstrong…who outright wrote all liberals should be killed. Cole Prime…you list him as a friend? He wrote once that trans people should be slaughtered like pigs. He is a Trump supporter and Marie is promoting him. You might want to consider these two sources. I might have made a poor decision on a stupid uniform choice…they are tearing apart the fact I put ribbons of #deceased #veterans that were my friends on the horse as an honor salute and harping on fake photoshopped claims by themselves or a handful of drug addicts I fired over the years. I worry for you Cole.

Horse shows. I have riding in horse shows. Schedule is slammed. 

Now…for the good news. As I am allowed…i will be using this blog as teasers to the upcoming films as well as the alchemy videos….all have #occult themes. AND I am putting my YouTube channel to use. Once a week, I will be doing an Alchemy lesson.

I will also post the videos to here. There is also

And a few other sites! Catch you soon. I have a Veteran Field trip to surf in less than 4 hours and a few emails to answer before I go to bed. Much love and more to come!! 

New Venture…The Pagan Paradigm

A new venture of real news and stories is starting to come together. The Pagan Paradigm

A webzine where we are collecting the best writers, telling truths…no holds bar. 

More stories coming soon. Get ready for some fun and facts!!!

The Pagan Paradigm

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The Sweetness of Relief

The happiness of full retirement from practitioning. I have finally just accepted and embraced what my doctors have been telling me for years and years and years now. In fact, almost a decade….it is time to just stop struggling against the traumatic brain injury and embrace life. Stop killing myself with work and stress. (Psycho has not helped the stress but winning sure has).

My skills within the occult and pagan community are still as incredible as ever. My patience is not nor is my level of frustration and anxiety. My memory problems stemming from dates and mixing up a timeline from my own life (not events…just the order that they happened in) has left me open for attack by frauds and psychos and I choose to just not do it anymore.

Do not get me wrong…I will continue Pagan Day Fest. Babylon Gardens Apothecary will continue as it is more of a relaxing thing I get to do in my office. I will do a few shows a year and I will still be found in a few of my favorite events for a lecture. Skype will still find me doing classes…although, I think those too will be extremely limited.

I will be publishing the rest of the books I had ready to roll. I will also be heavy on my you tube channel with teachings (which the fraud and her psycho will no doubt write a blog about…oh the jealousy of the crabs in the bucket). I will be more on here writing about philosophy, alchemy and magick.

I have to look back through this blog and see the topics I have already covered and make a list (WRITE THEM DOWN…note to myself) so that I do not waste your reading time…then…I will continue to blog here.

Awaken the Beast Within

Formulae ueteres exorsismorum et excommunicationum

Metamorphoses lycanthropie
Possunt inquam
Daemon pellem lupinam
Quodam cauae

Ignis ardens in igne,

Et eripuit animam meam de anima incipiat

Non erit tibi amplius est homo,

Deos quaeso ut excitaret bestiam

Hic lupus mea

In tempore illo non erit

Quia luna est plena,

Deos quaeso hac nocte

Et eripuit animam meam igni

Unde animal potest liberari

Luna suus semine ducit.

Update from Jymie Darling

“I have been lacking here at my word blog. And I apologize. I have a rather  brilliant excuse….

You see, i was busy getting all of the recent cases against me by a most hated person here overturned (successfully) and keeping a diligent eye on my Roo during a viral outbreak on the opposite side of the  LAEC (successfully).

I have also been story line and character  developing a script that was already optioned with several more asked for. Doing a voice over. Interviews. Plus Pagan Day Fest as the press is ready lining up. vendors. etc. Even tho it is not until next Sept. Yaaaay!

I also have the joy of getting my full 100% VA rating and final back injury diagnosis (with back pay)…Roo is fully owned. Saddle being bought. Love Schleese.  Custom bridles. Roo and buddy Strata getting massages for Yule. 
Beyond that, I am currently booking a vacation to Norway. To see the Northern Lights with my best friend and my wife. Then immediately planning the 3 of us a European vacation!

Jymie Darling
Jymie Darling and a new saddle!!

I will return after Thanksgiving to write a bit on Planetary Magick. I promise. Line ups, retrogrades, etc. 
I need to rest as I have a gorgeous meal to start in the morning for Thursday guests. Darling and Richard Blade
Jymie Darling and Richard Blade…best halloween party!!!

A Peter Murphy concert. The Damned.Book of Love. Vacation to plan. Mini vacation to plan. Big fancy ball to attend. Book to finish. Horse to ready for competition 2017. House to place my bid on. Vegas adventure in Jan. Pagan Day Fest. Dressage to learn. Yikes….Life to live. Fun to be had. 

Jymie Darling in Cemetery
Jymie Darling at Samhain tradition pic 2016

I promise tho, more thrilling Ghost Stories (I am planning a trip to Bodie with a few friends and I will blog about it) as well as more magickal posts and teachings. It does not escape my attention that I have worldwide views in high numbers daily on those posts.”
***end of release*** 

Jymie Darling on Roo
Roo and Jymie Darling

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