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I Get It…the preface

I am a victim of insane bullying.

A few years back, I made a decision to wear color patches on my uniform for a costume class. I asked vietnam guys their thoughts and they said “fuck it. Do it. Real vets dont give a fuck about tight regs”. I wore multiple rows of ribbons form some of my friends that had died plus mine….at the suggestion of my VA therapist to handle their recent deaths.

I also rarely fully explain myself. Couple that with some of my records are still sealed with classified duty…and well, a shit storm happened.

A man I have never met in New York decided that he was going to obsess about this incident. He knows what classified means and knows that lack of proof of what I say is as good as proof to condemn me in today’s age of social media. He proceeded to create multiple “official” looking websites calling for me to be outed as stolen valor. All are blogs and hardly official.

It almost worked, I was investigated. I was woreied as i knew what classified and plausable deniability means. I also know i was deployed under a TDY for those very reasons. I received some back pay owed to me. I received the rest of my rating, I received back my base privledges and a letter of recognition. I even got bumped forward on my surgery date.

When someone Google’s me, those sites come up…however, it that person being made fun of for thus obsession to bully. We laugh at it on base in the club while having drinks.

But there was that moment where the stress of it caused anger and depression. I wanted to die. I wanted him dead. Then it was Nothing as it became evident it was the best thing to happen to me. So many vets gathered around me and all that was owed to me is now here.

Now, what would happen if i was a kid in high school? Would I have had the mental capacity to say “it means nothing”? Probably not. I wonder in horroe, could I have been a shooter? Probably not. I don’t think I could ever had been bothered.

I look at the recent news and the lack of humanity of the event is devastating. The lack of humanity leading up to it, is just as devastating.

I am on the way to my barn at the moment but in part 2 of this blog…i am going to talk about herds, herd mentality and lack of a herd. All I have learned from horses and why this will apply to being bullied and the consequences this leads to. If you understood horses, you can see all of this unfolding from the news.


Upcoming fun

There are 2 investigations coming up in Utah that in will be excited to share with you. Stay tuned!

Did You Miss Me….

I promised to write more. And I blew it. 

I was asked to write for a movie script….which is going into pre-production. I have been optioned for at least 4 more (maybe more after). With some artistic control on set doing a few jobs. #newsaddles 

I was given a beautiful new horse from a veteran group. Now I have Roo and Remi. 

I got paperwork sorted out thanks to the morons AND found some TDY papers showing theater deployment. AND got more paperwork sorted….got my military ID with all my base privileges. So I have been on base shopping. (You know…because I am such a fake veteran and all according to 2 losers putting up multiple sites. 1 a basement dweller and  possible future  family annihilator and the other a fake PR rep that ripped off Pagan Day Fest and was fired for gross incompetence…then threatened me if I did not review her as A+. Ms Bargas….you are grossly incompetent and possibly insane. But keep joining forces with Mr Armstrong…who outright wrote all liberals should be killed. Cole Prime…you list him as a friend? He wrote once that trans people should be slaughtered like pigs. He is a Trump supporter and Marie is promoting him. You might want to consider these two sources. I might have made a poor decision on a stupid uniform choice…they are tearing apart the fact I put ribbons of #deceased #veterans that were my friends on the horse as an honor salute and harping on fake photoshopped claims by themselves or a handful of drug addicts I fired over the years. I worry for you Cole.

Horse shows. I have riding in horse shows. Schedule is slammed. 

Now…for the good news. As I am allowed…i will be using this blog as teasers to the upcoming films as well as the alchemy videos….all have #occult themes. AND I am putting my YouTube channel to use. Once a week, I will be doing an Alchemy lesson.

I will also post the videos to here. There is also

And a few other sites! Catch you soon. I have a Veteran Field trip to surf in less than 4 hours and a few emails to answer before I go to bed. Much love and more to come!! 

New Venture…The Pagan Paradigm

A new venture of real news and stories is starting to come together. The Pagan Paradigm

A webzine where we are collecting the best writers, telling truths…no holds bar. 

More stories coming soon. Get ready for some fun and facts!!!

The Pagan Paradigm

Watch “Balance Yourself in a Time of Change on Occultist Radio” on YouTube


​So many of us tried to hold onto the young (experience wise). As the Qabala states, one climbs the Tree alone. Through every path, the lesson is custom to the student. Every Sephiroth holds a truth. That truth is to learn the balance of mercy and severity.  When to employ each. 
The largest truth is, many are husked. They prefer the ego of Qlippoth. They see no shadows to embrace. 
Our job is to help those who deserve and need. Leave those that cannot be reached (yet). Above all, we learn to help by allowing them their lessons. Alone does not mean abandoned. 
One cannot carry others up any Tree of Enlightenment regardless of your philosophy.

The Sweetness of Relief

The happiness of full retirement from practitioning. I have finally just accepted and embraced what my doctors have been telling me for years and years and years now. In fact, almost a decade….it is time to just stop struggling against the traumatic brain injury and embrace life. Stop killing myself with work and stress. (Psycho has not helped the stress but winning sure has).

My skills within the occult and pagan community are still as incredible as ever. My patience is not nor is my level of frustration and anxiety. My memory problems stemming from dates and mixing up a timeline from my own life (not events…just the order that they happened in) has left me open for attack by frauds and psychos and I choose to just not do it anymore.

Do not get me wrong…I will continue Pagan Day Fest. Babylon Gardens Apothecary will continue as it is more of a relaxing thing I get to do in my office. I will do a few shows a year and I will still be found in a few of my favorite events for a lecture. Skype will still find me doing classes…although, I think those too will be extremely limited.

I will be publishing the rest of the books I had ready to roll. I will also be heavy on my you tube channel with teachings (which the fraud and her psycho will no doubt write a blog about…oh the jealousy of the crabs in the bucket). I will be more on here writing about philosophy, alchemy and magick.

I have to look back through this blog and see the topics I have already covered and make a list (WRITE THEM DOWN…note to myself) so that I do not waste your reading time…then…I will continue to blog here.

Demonlogy Treatise by Jymie Dar

My treatise was reviewed by a critic that is fair and harsh at the same time. I must be completely honest, I was worried when I saw that I was reviewed. Like I said he is a fair but very critical reviewer that has done hundreds of reviews. I was happy with the review though. Made my evening and this said, there is a larger book of Demonology coming out from me.

Here is the link to the full review. 4 out of 5 stars.

Here are some of the highlights:

Local magician , Jymie Darling, has generated a small but very informational treatise on various types of demons that spans across several cultures and philosophies. Stating off with the ancient Sumerians she describes the demons that plagued our first society and then goes through the Judeo Christian , indian ,native american and finally Gnostic traditions. The information provided in this book is top notch. The book is not a how to but rather an excellent overview. I have no complaints about her knowledge or writing style, rather there are editing issues that I noticed occurred with the kindle edition. The biggest problem is that the photos and illustrations cover over the text in many places. This blots out lots of information. A major drag. Having known the author and conversed with her let me tell you she is supernaturally intelligent. I wish she would write a much longer book. In fact I wish this book was longer.
In Sumerian mythos which carries into Assyrian and Babylonian demons. The first class of demons are the demons who are god like. In a sense they are gods and goddesses of evil. The second class of demons are those wandering spirits of the undead , who may be angry or vengeful. The last kind of demon are those that are half human half demon. There were also winged demons who could bring evil to people or guard against evil. The author warns that when working with demons it is important to use incantation that are specific to their home religion. In other words you cannot threaten a demon like Labartu, Sumerian demon with the name adonai or Jesus as he would not know who they are. Important of note is that demons and gods tend to evolve,especially as they go through different religion’s. They will get different names and characteristic. Still! Context is important.


Awaken the Beast Within

Formulae ueteres exorsismorum et excommunicationum

Metamorphoses lycanthropie
Possunt inquam
Daemon pellem lupinam
Quodam cauae

Ignis ardens in igne,

Et eripuit animam meam de anima incipiat

Non erit tibi amplius est homo,

Deos quaeso ut excitaret bestiam

Hic lupus mea

In tempore illo non erit

Quia luna est plena,

Deos quaeso hac nocte

Et eripuit animam meam igni

Unde animal potest liberari

Luna suus semine ducit.

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