As I sit and think back on all the nonsense and insanity that I have encountered with my 25 plus years in the occult community as one of the most respected spiritual advisors and the attacks that have continued from the handful of full on mentally unbalanced.

I also served a lot of people and gave them good advice and great sound influence. This is one case and one case that I lost a good person into the clutches of a mentally unbalanced woman, Marie Bargas.

The Case of Cole Prime.

Now, I felt sorry for Cole for a very long time. He showed up like a lost puppy at my store. He was young. Confused. As much as I had empathy for him, it was his kids that endeared my to his family.

They often showed up at my events at Panpipes Magickal Marketplace. Always so pleasant. Cole had extreme ideas but they were always grounded in reality. For years I knew and loved him and his family.

Then one day, after I left the store and went into retirement…I created a group on facebook for the Los Angeles community to have a forum to speak. It was going well. Jake Richardson claimed he could make the weather change and that he could bring world peace…but did not want to. For his safety of ridicule that was being lumped on him…I took him from the group. He continued on my page…so I deleted him. He is a super sensitive guy. Extremely good looking but super sensitive. I know he does not understand my reasoning but I felt more like a mother hen at that moment as I have ALWAYS felt like a mother hen to him.

Cole jumps on one night. He begins talking Matrix. People are egging him on in a “look at this idiot” kind of way. I jumped privately to a few friends on the group and asked me to help me figure out if he was okay…THIS WAS NOT LIKE COLE. He started talking about paranoid delusions of being tapped. When pressed, he went further into a whole rant on holograms and how his family was against him and they were spies and possible holograms. I asked where his wife and kids were. In the public forum. My phone blowing up with people freaking out that he will hurt them. He said they were locked in their room and he had it with her treason. That she was poisoning the kids.

Look….I do not know if she was. That is not my business. Technically, relationships…not my fecking business. However, when it looks like something is about to go bad incredibly fast, I would feel remiss if I did not act.

So I contacted her. She was terrified. My advice…and my only advice at that time was: call 911. Find a place to stay tonight safely. Talk to the police. This is not like Cole.

She did. Cole called me. Scared. I know he thinks that I betrayed him…I told him..when the cops come, talk calmly. Cooperate. Let the wife and kids leave to feel safe and this can all be worked out.

Cole has fallen into the trap of believing a full psychic fraud named Marie Bargas. She is one of the most manipulative liars in the community. She believes herself a PR agent and I can share the horror stories of those that she has tried to convince to hire her, including myself. The joke is…everyone thinks she is a fraud and just keeps her close so that they do not deal with all the false websites, fabricated evidence and lies and threats that she continues to do to those that call her out. I called her out. She creates over 15 websites about me and has it spread by the people she cons.

I still worry about Cole. I think he needs a grounded influence. I think he is in one of the biggest fluxes of his life and it is called “Transgender”. Please Cole…Please honey, you are not crazy. You are not out of control. You certainly put that forward right now…but you are really just lost and confused. I wish you would have stayed put with grounded forces. Marie is a user. Marie is paranoid and possibly schizophrenic. She believes herself a pallidin healer waiting for Cthulhu to come. THIS IS NOT SANE. THIS IS NOT REALITY. Find some ground, dear Cole. You always know how to reach me, luv.