The happiness of full retirement from practitioning. I have finally just accepted and embraced what my doctors have been telling me for years and years and years now. In fact, almost a decade….it is time to just stop struggling against the traumatic brain injury and embrace life. Stop killing myself with work and stress. (Psycho has not helped the stress but winning sure has).

My skills within the occult and pagan community are still as incredible as ever. My patience is not nor is my level of frustration and anxiety. My memory problems stemming from dates and mixing up a timeline from my own life (not events…just the order that they happened in) has left me open for attack by frauds and psychos and I choose to just not do it anymore.

Do not get me wrong…I will continue Pagan Day Fest. Babylon Gardens Apothecary will continue as it is more of a relaxing thing I get to do in my office. I will do a few shows a year and I will still be found in a few of my favorite events for a lecture. Skype will still find me doing classes…although, I think those too will be extremely limited.

I will be publishing the rest of the books I had ready to roll. I will also be heavy on my you tube channel with teachings (which the fraud and her psycho will no doubt write a blog about…oh the jealousy of the crabs in the bucket). I will be more on here writing about philosophy, alchemy and magick.

I have to look back through this blog and see the topics I have already covered and make a list (WRITE THEM DOWN…note to myself) so that I do not waste your reading time…then…I will continue to blog here.