“I have been lacking here at my word blog. And I apologize. I have a rather  brilliant excuse….

You see, i was busy getting all of the recent cases against me by a most hated person here overturned (successfully) and keeping a diligent eye on my Roo during a viral outbreak on the opposite side of the  LAEC (successfully).

I have also been story line and character  developing a script that was already optioned with several more asked for. Doing a voice over. Interviews. Plus Pagan Day Fest as the press is ready lining up. vendors. etc. Even tho it is not until next Sept. Yaaaay!

I also have the joy of getting my full 100% VA rating and final back injury diagnosis (with back pay)…Roo is fully owned. Saddle being bought. Love Schleese.  Custom bridles. Roo and buddy Strata getting massages for Yule. 
Beyond that, I am currently booking a vacation to Norway. To see the Northern Lights with my best friend and my wife. Then immediately planning the 3 of us a European vacation!

Jymie Darling
Jymie Darling and a new saddle!!

I will return after Thanksgiving to write a bit on Planetary Magick. I promise. Line ups, retrogrades, etc. 
I need to rest as I have a gorgeous meal to start in the morning for Thursday guests. 

Jy.ie Darling and Richard Blade
Jymie Darling and Richard Blade…best halloween party!!!

A Peter Murphy concert. The Damned.Book of Love. Vacation to plan. Mini vacation to plan. Big fancy ball to attend. Book to finish. Horse to ready for competition 2017. House to place my bid on. Vegas adventure in Jan. Pagan Day Fest. Dressage to learn. Yikes….Life to live. Fun to be had. 

Jymie Darling in Cemetery
Jymie Darling at Samhain tradition pic 2016

I promise tho, more thrilling Ghost Stories (I am planning a trip to Bodie with a few friends and I will blog about it) as well as more magickal posts and teachings. It does not escape my attention that I have worldwide views in high numbers daily on those posts.”
***end of release*** 

Jymie Darling on Roo
Roo and Jymie Darling