What is the the holy trinity of magick, the original three fold? 

It was a code of personal theory of how to practice. Old and just about forgotten as many have twisted it to the neo-philosophies, we must struggle to bring back the old theorums. 

No Fear. No Doubt. No Guilt. 

No Fear

One should never practice with fear. The bane of all existence. This also does not mean one should practice sociopathic magick. It means that all should researched to the point of complete understanding prior to practicing. If you choose to not push forward, such as in Daemons, it is not out of fear but instead, out of wisdom and knowledge. Fear will only come back to bite you. 

No Doubt. 

Doubt is another energy killer. If you do not believe it will work, then it will not work. It really is that simple. However, it is a double-edged sword. To make it work, you must believe. To believe, the human mind needs to see it work. This is where a simple exercise helps. Take a sponge, a needle and some tinfoil. Poke the needle up through the sponge. Cut a 4 arm propeller out of the tinfoil. Place the tinfoil on the needle. Balance it…not poke through. Now place your hand near it. Make it spin. With your focus, make it stop and spin the other direction. Now, you have proof of your energy and can exercise this ‘muscle’. 

No Guilt. 

Again, this is not sociopathic magick, this is ethics. You must never practice in an emotional hysterics. Always think through your options and practice in calm and collected manners. This way you never have to have regret and guilt in your magick. 

Bring back the old formula of magick and watch your energy focus be successful!!

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