Oh…the tarot. The love and the thorn in many classically trained readers and occultists.

Before I roll on into the blog, let me give to you a warning..


I see, you daring wisdom seeker, that you have decided to continue.

The tarot is a wonderful tool for divination. It truly is. But I have to confess, I have seen this art become more and more twisted to the point where, it is just a parlor game now.

What do I mean? Well, most people have been taught with the twisted and perverted NEW and IMPROVED  ways of doing tarot, set out by either Google or by modern authors, who have NO BUSINESS writing about tarot.

Tarot is ancient. It goes back to a similar format in Sumeria. However, what we know as tarot is 90% taken from King Solomon. That is right, King Solomon. As translated by Eliphas Levi and drawn forth by Waite and then Crowley (each having their own opinion on Levi’s definitions).

The first thing I want to tell you is that Tarot is not meant to be set in stone. It is a tool on how to either fix or strengthen what is to happen if everything remains unchanged. Unchanged is the key word. So when you go into a reading, know that you have the absolute power to change any of the reading based on your knowledge now. It would be like the someone telling you that in the future, you will open a black box that has red ribbon on it and inside will be a bomb and you will become disfigured or die. Suddenly you find yourself faced with a black box with red ribbon on the street. You do not have to open it. Why? You had knowledge of the event prior to and thus the absolute power to change it.

I know that some people say…but I do not want to know anything bad in my future. I will just deal with it as it comes. Are you insane? I took a reading once. The reader was a student that was practicing with me. They did not know what that destruction card was. I did. I saw it’s placement…therefore I knew the time frame. I started going to see my mom once a week. I cleaned. I cooked or brought her food that she had never had before. I listened to her stories. I rubbed her back. She was sick. Really sick. I knew it. I was in denial. She was my rock. The cards said the time frame. As much as that made me crumble, it gave me the chance to suddenly do everything I ever wanted to do for her. The time frame was right. It did not hurt any less. It did not devastate me any less. It did let me do things instead of saying “I wish I could of”. I want to know what is coming up. If I can change it, I will. If I want it, I look for the things to strengthen it. If I cannot change it, I prepare and act on my knowledge. Why would you not want that?

The next thing I want to tell you is that the tarot has time limitations. The tarot cannot say next Saturday at 2pm. It does not know our time. You think the spirits, the universe or any other energy understands our clocks? No. They know periods of time and those are shown in the placement of the cards. They can only go out for 3 months in the future. So many things change and move around and are actually within a motion that 3 months is as far as they go out. So, no, you cannot tell me what will happen in a year. Too many things that are going to happen in the next 3 months just might change my actions or course.

I just keep getting more unpopular as this blog continues, I can feel it. Oh well. I could care less of the shit said about me as I know the truth and am trained fully.

Next to teach you, one card means squat. This means that MOST of the spreads that are done for you, are useless. Why? Because when you throw one card down, you only give the outcome. Simply to say…you will be disfigured as in the example from above, does me no good. How? Why? When? Where? What leads up to it? FUCKING HELP!!! This leads the reader open to do the spells for you. That will just cost you a few hundred to a few thousand. Depends how they sussed you up financially. Or the 100’s of dollars of supplies from the store they are with. You see, you need 3 cards thrown. First is the negative influence that is supporting the outcome. Second is the positive influence that is supporting the outcome. Third is the outcome.

tarot1This style of reading gives you the chance to decide what is your next move. And perhaps only one little $15 candle will do the job. Or maybe a $6 bath. This gives you insight. This gives you options. This gives you power. This gives you control of your own destiny. Instead of being a helpless and hapless passenger, you will control the vehicle of destiny.

Another thing I would like to tell you about, reverses. Nothing irritates me more than a reader who does reverses. I will stand up and walk out of the reading. Why? There is no such thing as a reverse meaning. Original cards were playing cards. How do you know if a 2 of hearts is reversed? Think about that. Not the king nor the jack nor the queen can be thrown reversed.

Let me throw down an ancient creed of divination to you. True divination can never be manipulated by the hand of man. To manipulate it is to destroy it. Do you have a deck near you? How about an ATM card? I am going to need you to be interactive with me for a moment. Take whatever you have near you that has a picture on it. Turn it so that you cannot see it. Now, flip it like you would tarot for a reading using this technique:

Grab the left side and turn it to the right and place on the table. Remember how it looks.

Now….do it again. This time grab the bottom and flip upwards. One is upright. One is reversed. Your hands, your reader’s hands, they are not guided by the spirits. You shuffled. Their job is to throw and read. That is it. Their hands are manipulating the cards. They are manipulating the upright and the reverse.

You see, these definitions were never in any tarot book pre 1930’s. This is when pictures became very popular and readers became very popular. So when asked, they made up what they believed to be correct and wrote about it. Hell, even A.E. Waite never wrote about reverses. Solomon did not either. Levi…nope. I understand that pop culture can make a good difference, but divination is ancient and it was meant to stay in the guidelines of what would make it true. We cannot just start making shit up as we go because we think it’s right. If we have no education in it, we have no business doing it.

My readings have never been wrong and I have NEVER read a reversal. I have never asked my person a single question when I read. My people are bowled completely over when I read. They ask…are you psychic????? No, I am a reader and I know my cards inside and out. Their history and their birth.

Each card is not a single line definition. It is a chapter. ??? That is right a chapter. The reading is your story and each card is a chapter in that story. They blend into each other to weave the story. They react and interact with each other. The definitions stay within the foundation of their definition but grow when inside the story. I will give you one example of this:

The Fool. Let us break down this card. He is dressed well. He is not stupid. The air is blowing his tunic, feather and such. Okay. So there is movement. Feather says that it is movement also. The Sun has 14 rays. 14 in numerology is broken down to the a single. 1+4=5. 5 means folly, foolishness. He holds the white flower of life. Venus. He has life in his hands right now. His bag has a bird on it. See the beak? (I never said Waite was a good bird artist). His head is facing upwards and eyes are shut. The dog is barking. His is the shape of a couple of Hebrew letters that in meaning together comes to: The beginning of the end with no necessity. He is warning him. In his tunic, on the part that is blowing. In the circle (which there are 10 with symbols for the tree of life), is the Hebrew letter, Shin. Shin means, transformation. The 10 representing the Tree of Life means that he is enlightened and therefore, smart. His rear foot has not left the ground yet. This is important, as it means that the fatal step has not been taken.

Let’s tell it’s story: You have everything going so well right now. You have lined up everything so perfect and you are setting off to enjoy it. But you need to know that there is still things that you must be careful of. (the next card will tell me what it is that they have to watch out for…whether it is themselves or someone else or just what is up around them). Here is the good news. All you have to do right now is pay attention to the warnings that are around you. They are there. You just need to stop and listen. Turn around and continue to enjoy the success that you have set forward for yourself!!!

I do not have to memorize a paragraph. I have to memorize the visual story.

Now if the fool was in the negative influence, in the 3 cards, it would become a negative path and possibly a false success that someone has led them to. Positive influence..the above definition. The outcome, it would be a warning that once everything is done, just keep your head in the game and those around you. Each still has the same definition base but with an addition based on it’s placement. Further blending would be done with the cards around it.

I leave you with my favorite and really the only spread that I use that is classic and philosophy inclusive throughout.

The Pyramid


Remember to use the negative, positive and outcome detail here.


Good luck and if you need me: