Alchemy Perfection of Transmutation with Jymie Darling

Transmutation, the ideal magickal working
Jymie Darling, Alchemist

Alchemy, this is a word that is overused and over abused in today’s world. Why? Because no one really knows what it means. Alchemy is more than pretty smells. Alchemy is more than understanding the philosophy of the greater unfolding of the self as presented by Jung and the use of symbolism with any Tree of Life. Alchemy is transformation in the sense that it is transmuted into something more, something different. It is the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form. Into something completely and entirely different.


When we apply it to the blending of oils, we are talking about creating a perfect elixir where the singular components stop existing in the scent and they become one to create a different form of magickal elixir. For instance, if not blended correctly, one can pick out each and every oil used in that blend. However, if planetary perfection is heeded to while mixing, one can catch tones but not the blend. When one can take herbs, resins and oils and create an elixir that transports a person’s energy to the intended blending, that is transmutation. It took me over 10 years to learn the perfection of this art, luckily, I owned the Nation’s Oldest Occult store, Panpipes Magickal Marketplace and could work day in and day out all week, every week, for 10 years. I now continue to do so at Babylon Gardens Apothecary.

Unfolding the Self

When we apply it to the self, we are talking about the unfolding of the self. Getting rid of the baggage that we carry that is not ours. That little voice that says “you are not good enough”, “you must compare yourself to others to feel better”, “you will never succeed”, “i am only who i am to how others see me”. Some of these might just be yours, some of these are what others handed to you for you to carry as your own. These people could be your parents (or whatever relative took you on), your peers, society, bullies, television, social media, etc. Whichever they might be, they are not yours to carry. You have been carrying them for so long, you might not even realize, this is not your baggage. You need to open up each suitcase and examine if it belongs to you. If it does not, dump it. If it does, we need to reorganize, cull down and learn to create something awesome from the suitcase instead of something vile and ugly that we project on a daily basis.

However, if the suitcase is a mental illness, please seek medical attention. This type of unfolding may be too intense for the unbalanced, especially paranoia. This is not a cure for mental illnesses.

The Tree of Life is the easiest format to chart your unfolding out. Now, Qabala is the most easiest explained, however, each and every philosophy can be placed upon the Tree of Life and the Qabalistic names substituted for your philosophy. I wrote a treatise on how to. This little gem is a treatise that explains the Qabala foundations. The treatise includes several tree philosophies into the the working of the tree in the language of the Qabala. The treatise also creates a simple to follow way to work the paths for the rebuilding of the self while embracing your shadows so that they become constructive rather than destructive. Gyms will only get you so far in this life, what is the soul of the person matters most in the bigger scheme of universe. After all, we are simply just vehicles holding the energy and wisdom of the true self.

Each path is broken down into a simple foundation of the workings and understandings of each lesson one must learn while unfolding the self as well as creating the energy vortex for creation. When one finds this creation, one never needs to worry about the mundane bickering of those who are mired in muck. Remember, those that choose to focus on you are taking away from focusing on themselves and thus, remain mired in the manure of their own making.

This is a great introduction to the Great Work of the Self or you can find a hard copy soon on my website.

Food Alchemy

When you start to create the self and you create the elixir that you wear for the energy, you must never forget to also create from inside as well. When we eat, we provide the body energy. This energy is also what we push forward in our life. Why not start controlling it? Planets are just as important in food and in preparation of food and in the meal. Let me offer an example:

My family use to gather for holidays (most are now deceased). My mom (RIP) and my grandmother (RIP) never got along. NEVER. My aunt and my mom never got along. My cousin and I never get along. So I started an experiment without their knowledge. I volunteered to make the dinners. I used meals that were made with Moon (peace and calming) and Venus (love and happiness). They got along. They even remarked about their surprise on how they got along. I stopped making the dinners. The fights erupted almost immediately. I looked at what was being made, Mars (passion and war) and Mercury (communications). Oh boy. Explained everything.

Now, when I do something for guests, or for my own need of energy, I watch the alchemy I place into my food. After all, when you eat, you transmute the food into the energy that you are going to use. I work closely with Alchemy Confections for catering when I need to and for the planetary cupcakes that I use for a daily work need. A Sun (success, money) mini cupcake with a Jupiter (prosperity, health) combined with a beautiful Mercury (communications) drink…and here I am writing semi understandable (wink) a blog that will help you become the Kethor, Xeper, Brilliance, Philosopher’s Stone….YOU.

Good night and be a better you, by doing so, you are helping the universe not creating the problem.

Jymie Darling, Master Alchemist and Occultist