Daemonology by Jymie Darling

Now, what I am known outwardly for is Alchemy and the Transmutation of all aspects of Alchemy. However, there is a little known area that I am considered one of the experts on and I do not really promote that too much, Daemonology.

I use to be incredibly proud of this. The decades I had experience with hauntings that would be considered Daemonic started when I was around 9 years old and continued. Now, not all hauntings are Daemonic. Not by far. I seem to be drawn, or perhaps they are drawn to me, to really core frightening experiences. I have written some on this blog:

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I have also written about that which was just a haunting. Some were just a haunting and another was quite vicious, but still just a haunting.  I thought it was the interesting and since it had greatly influenced me as a child, I began a lifetime of aggressive pursuit in study. Then in time, I became fluent in almost every philosophy the idea of daemonology. Why do I say every philosophy? Easy, each and every religion has a type of spirit that could be considered a daemon.

Then one day, a film crew approached us in Panpipes Magickal Marketplace about asking some questions about selling one’s soul to the devil. Seems that they are making a film, like a documentary about selling one’s soul. They had held a open call asking for someone willing to do so, found someone (Kai Blackwood) and hit a wall. I advised on the film both in front and behind the camera after being the only person that they could find that was fluent in this area of study. We settled on Goetia. You can see the film on Youtube

Touching the Goetia ended in a mass breakdown of everyone’s life for almost a year, including mine. It took me over 3 years to recover from it and I still have the hell of the stalkers that cannot let go of me and I still receive emails daily asking to help them do the same. I think that is why I draw the mentally unstable, the vicious for no reason, the ugly of the soul and those stuck in the mire to me in my personal life (although, this year, I have cleansed myself of that and just hand with my friends and the crazy that is horse people). I should learn that when people say “run from that person” both in the horse world and the occult world, that I should run from that person.

I distanced myself from that area of study. Then the TV shows began. All the ghost investigation shows (I have to admit, I never watched a single show) that all screamed Demons. It is a DEMON INFESTATION!! I started getting emails again. A dear friend, Serenity, asked me to come onto a show and do an interview about this. I agreed. I stepped back into the shadows with the Daemons.

As I explained in the show, if they had seriously come across a daemon infestation, they would never be able to do another episode the following week. That they were in no way educated enough to deal with it. Finally, the way they dealt with it would have had them killed or infested themselves. You see, there are different daemons for each philosophy. If you deal with them the same way, such as yelling the Lord’s Prayer at a a Sumerian Daemon, you will accomplish NOTHING except getting hurt. There is a format to deal with each one. Sumerian gets a Sumerian “exorcism”. A Sumerian that was perverted to the Christian faith has become a separate daemon altogether and therefore, a Christian ceremony. Native American daemons (each tribe having their own set) gets a Native American ceremony (to that tribe).

So I wrote a small booklet on Daemonology and I followed it up with a how to investigate.

I was invited last year to a Paracon in Utah where I spoke about it and I have been invited to return again this year. So, if you are in Utah and want to talk Demons with me, you can find me at the Utah Paranormal Convention and you can hang with me at this convention and pick my brain on Daemonolgy, Alchemy, Tarot, Occult, Transmutation, Qabala or just come and view my collection that puts the whole Annabelle doll to shame!!!

I hope to be filming my talk at the convention for my YouTube channel and I will post here as a follow-up when I arrive home.

For those who wish to hunt and investigate the true paranormal, when you actually find that 1% that is actually a Daemon infestation, either follow the rules of how to handle them, or run and find an expert. There is a series of studies, questions, formats, research and more on how to actually go about a true daemonic haunting and someone with the fortitude to handle some of the most mind-bending visuals that you have ever come across. You also need to know when to call a possession a mental illness or a drug addiction problem or perhaps a physical problem such as lead poisoning from the paint in an older house.

You also have to work through the fact that people can carry daemons with them and you have to figure out whether it was the darkness of themselves that drew that towards them, or if it was something they called by messing around in the occult or if it is their inner demons manifesting as outer Daemons.

Daemonology is not an hour long show nor is it a year long study nor a simple blog. It is a lifetime of constant research and a few decades of study to be able to handle this completely.

And if you ever need a question answered, feel free…I am always here, studying and researching everyday of my life. And yes, I will begin writing blogs upon Daemonology now as well as Alchemy. In fact, I will begin more blogs on teachings when I have the good days where I can write. The more I seclude myself from the outside world and only see my horse, the more I can function and focus on writing.

The outside world and the human race scare me more than any daemon from the nine gates. (which reminds me…if anyone saw the 9th Gate electronic promo, I was in it and I was in the extras on the DVD on the film Mirrors with K. Sutherland).

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