We have a Tree of Life in every philosophy. Each one has a “Holy Mountain”. Each one has “philisopher’s stone”. 

It is incredible. Why? Because most of the ancient religions had zero contact with each other and yet, they came up with similar ideals. 

It is a journey. First, we pull away from the major religions when they cannot fulfil our need to understand deeper. 

The guilt, the oppression, the doubt, the fear…it is like a death to a rebirth. We take on the aspect of turning sick metal into gold. That is code for taking ourselves and turning ourselves into a more enlightened self. 

Next, we understand planets. How each one needs to die and rebirth with us as we die a thousand deaths in our quest. 

We continue to climb. Then comes a time when we get to Da’ath, or the final journey upwards. It is a time of temptation. This temptation makes one feel superior, godlike. In their aging time (most 20 year olds are not there), they grasp to their looks, they grasp to standing on a pulpit touting themselves as superior. 

It is here, on the Holy Mountain, the final plateau is where their pulpits are set up for worship. How is this bad? They are husked and they lead others away. They keep others oppressed by their need to be worshipped. 

Only a few refuse to be wowed by slight of hand, fancy words and amazing garb. They find themselves husked “Qlippoth”.

Thise who venture further find themselves. They find peace. They find true knowledge. They find no need to step down and answer the husked. 

They live now. That is tonight’s film at the Pagan Day Fest

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