jymiePractical Alchemy, slightly differing from Personal Alchemy, is a format of math, botany and magick.

In the truest form, it is the exact definition of the science and art blending seamlessly. I like to think of it as the science behind the art. It allows everyone to dip into both sides of the brain.

Let us lay down the basics of this magick.


First and foremost, oils. The kind matter, the type matter and the process matters.

Cold Pressed

Although pressing and grinding produces heat through friction, the temperature must not rise above 120°F (49°C) for any oil to be considered cold pressedCold pressed oils are produced at even lower temperatures. Cold pressed oils retain all of their flavor, aroma, and nutritional value.

What does that mean for us in the Pagan Community? It means that not only is the scent stronger, giving us a greater reaction, but the value of the magick is also retained.

If we move to hot process we lose value. Taking something and boiling it also dissipates the value.


Scented oils are awesome. They smell incredible. Problem is, they are manufactured. Chemicals. Not only do they have no value magickally, when mixed with real oils, the entire blend is corrupted.

Scents belong in perfume. Very pretty, no value.

Essential Oils

This definition plays fast and loose. One drop of frankincense oil into a carrier oil such as Balsalm or Hemp or Apricot Kernal and legally it can be called Frankincense Pure Essential.

What is worse, is when someone says shelf life. That means they either have a scent in it or they placing it in a carrier oil that rots. Oils do not go off. In the 20+ years, I have never had a true essential rot.

Where it comes from

This literally means, where in the world was it harvested from. Why? Because we need to look at the weather and how it is grown, when is harvested, and how it was harvested

All the above can change the factors of assigned planets and cross planetary matching.

The planets give us the elements, thus giving us full meaning and complete aspecting.

Oh, excuse the typos, I am on my phone and do my best to catch them. Obviously, I am not a creative writer, but a teacher instead.

Blending in next blog…sleep is calling.