jymieThe art and science of blending. What is that? I mean blending of oils are easy, right? Not too sure about that. I see and hear how people come up with blends and the smell is…well…less than desirable.

Blending for a scent is not enough. That is a perfume with a beautiful scent and absolutely NO energy nor magick behind it. A ton of the books for blending, show the recipes for the blends but they are alchemically incorrect.

Let me explain, you see the planets matter, the elements matter, the parts matter. Names for the blends are irrelevant to it all. Truly is. I can call it Whamabamabanana and it makes no difference to the energy that it attracts. If it is done wrong alchemically, it is wrong energy.

First and foremost, we need a great understanding of the planets and the magick that create and the energy that they involve. Then you have to break it down to the cross planets, then understand how they weave, choose the ingredients (and do all the research on what EACH one does as explained in Practical Alchemy). Then you have to figure out the parts to which  ingredient. Do the math and then hope for the best, have an eraser ready.

Sounds confusing, it really is not. What it is, is a lost art form of the science of true Alchemy.


Sun – success, money, overcoming obstacles, purification, protection – Fire
Moon – peace, tranquility, exorcism, protection via water, mental health, sleep – Water
Mars – war, protection via fire, surgery, blood letting, passion – Fire
Mercury – artistry, psychic awareness, communication, road opener, psychic opening – Air
Jupiter – protection via air, prosperity, physical health – Air
Venus – love, happiness, friendship, magnetic attraction – Earth
Saturn – lust, debauchery, hexing, domination, binding – Earth

Each of the definitions of the above planets are not in each oil that is of that planet. Sometimes it is only one of the definitions. Take for example Peppermint. Peppermint is a cross between Jupiter/Venus. Jupiter is health, prosperity (not protection)  and for Venus it is only the magnetic attraction (not love).

Let’s do it like this:

What do I want? (bullet format please)
Success, Movement, Happiness and Health with regards to Roo (my angel faced horse). One item at a time, do not try to fix your whole life in one elixir!!!

So…break it down…

Success – Sun
Movement – Mercury/Sun
Happiness – Venus
Health – Jupiter

Now I have to stop and make sure that I do not have an extreme opposition. What does that mean? No fire vs water. That is the only one we have to worry about right this moment. And the answer is No.

Next step is research your ingredients…I am going to go with this (since I do this on a daily basis for 20+ years).

Frankincense (Oman) – Jupiter/Sun
Almond sweet – Mercury/Jupiter
Lemon – Sun/Venus

Now…can I mix those? I have to have something in common. So Lemon has Sun/Venus. Frankincense has Sun/Jupiter. Sun is in common. So those to are a go. Almond has Mercury/Jupiter. Lemon has Sun/Venus. Nothing in common. BUT…Frankincense has Sun/Jupiter. Jupiter is in common and Frankincense is the joint oil that allows Lemon and Almond to go together. Without it, the two oils would not work magickally together with each other. EVER. Might smell nice…no energy and no real property to it. The Frankincense is the TRANSMUTATION oil for the two.

So now, I have to figure how much of each oil goes into the blend. For that I must decide what is the most important goal. I choose Jupiter (health). Why? Well, I want a healthy horse and I want to be healthy and stay in health with the boy.

1 part Frankincense  Jupiter/Sun
2 parts Almond, Sweet   Mercury/Jupiter
1 part Lemon  Sun/Venus

Is that right? I have no clue until I finish with my math. That is why the eraser might come in handy.

Jupiter  – 3  (1 frank/2 almond)
Sun  – 2 (1 frank/1 lemon)
Mercury – 2 (2 almond)
Venus – 1 (1 lemon)

Am I okay with this? Jupiter is my major contributor, thus Health is NUMBER 1. Success and movement tied for number 2 importance (I like that. I need some successful movement and since health is number 1 it will be healthy for Roo and I).  Happiness comes in leading the back (again, I am okay with that. I like to have happiness at the end of the day).

For me, this blend would be incredible. I can name The Friesian Mafia should I choose (as that is what my fellow Friesian friends have called our group and made me a member of the ‘mafia’…and no, you cannot sit with us LOL(Mean Girls Quote)). The name is irrelevant, it is the action of the oil that creates the energy through alchemy.

That is your lesson for today. That is how I did the apothecary at Panpipes and that is how I do Babylon Gardens Apothecary and that is why I really do not see us with as a competitor in any market to be honest but rather just a traditional and real alchemy apothecary that reaches out beyond magickal foundation oils such as Come to Me, Healing, etc. Although, I do that too.

The fest is in 2 days and I must finish the fest and prep BGA for travel.


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Blessings to you and your travels.