3 days and we are off and running on the Pagan Day Fest.

Let me take this moment to teach a moment to say this:

The fest is an incredible and we are doing this with the following  Alchemy for the fest, Jupiter, Venus and the Sun.

Jupiter…the male planet of protection, prosperity and health. Physical healing and more. Jupiter is the planet of Air.

Venus…the female planet of love, happiness and friendship. Venus is the planet of the Earth.

Sun…the male planet of success, money, overcoming obstacles and removing blocks. It is the planet of Fire.

So, why does this matter and how does it blend? Alchemy!!! I love the Alchemy!!!

Alchemy is the base of all philosophies. On the surface of just planets we have Friendship, Happiness, Love, Success, Money, Removing Blocks, Protection, Prosperity and Health.

**We can blend these planets because they are not opposed to each other. There is no fire vs water blend there. Now, if I were to blend this to an oil, I would then begin the mathematics of the parts to create a perfection of magick. My blends smell out of this world because they are made from the perfection of Alchemy and we are the only ones that do this. This is why we are second to none…but then there is not anyone who does it. So we are top of no one else and why are formulas are secret and unique to the Attar selection I import.**

So now, our planets are a decent line up of simple goodness. But then we have to go further into the foundation of the make up and we move to elements.

Earth, Fire, Air.

Earth…foundation, stability, consistent

Fire…strength, passion, protection

Air…life, movement, communication

Earth gives fire stability so that it does not burn out of control. The air gives the fire what it needs to keep burning. The Air also breathes life into the Earth so that it does not become charred and barren.

Life is Alchemy, whether you are eating or blending or, well, even throwing a fest. Alchemy is the foundation of what drives us, whether we know it or not.

Your humblest teacher and resident smartass,