Let me start by saying this…I had a lifelong fear of horses. Lifelong. Fear. I go near them and they buck and rear. Kick and bite. Incredible violent reaction to me. Which was fine, I saw them as killing machines that twice broke bones on me.

Then I fell for Roo. Hook, line and sinker. I had to overcome my fear. More I worked with him, more I learned…not just about him but about me too.

See, I learned that they are a mirror of you. I wish I had learned that earlier on, I would have less of a problem with a mentally unstable person and her side  chipmunk. See, her horse charges people. He is chaotic. Which is sad because it is not him…it is her. He acts psychotic because he mirrors her.

Now, I find myself at peace at night with Roo. We play. We talk…well, I talk, he listens and kisses. He is calm and that calms me and therefore calms him more. I found myself. I found my center, my core…and so did he. We have a good life with each other…learning….always learning. The bond is spiritual as well.

I learned tonight, he feels my heartbeat, reads the tension in my eyes. I cannot lie to him. I have to let go of the anger of the idiocy of people. That when he does a “horse move” and scares the hell outta me while i am riding…I actually have to control my heart and tension. I cannot lie to him. He will know and act accordingly.

I know I am in a good place in my mind and soul….how? He is.

And I cannot lie to him.

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