Celebrating Ancient Religions with World Peace Violin created by UN Rev Peter McCollum and played by famous Bob Dylan violinist Scarlet Rivera 

This event is a tolerance festival that focuses on the Ancient Religions. With Shopping at over 50 vendors, Rituals, Workshops, Film Screenings, Authors, Lectures, Art Show, Ancient Altar Presentations and an attendance expected to be in the thousands. It is an open to the public event that is free to attend the main festival activities with nighttime ticketed events. General Public is welcomed and Press is warmly received. This year, we have UN member, Rev Patrick McCollum with the UN recognized Peace Symbol, his World Peace Violin played by Bob Dylan’s violinist and renown activist, Scarlet Rivera with both workshops and rituals. This year’s focus is on world peace and turning the hatred and self righteous anger into inner peace to ripple forth into the world. We are also honored with the presence of television personalities and world famous Mediums and Spirit Artists, Michael and Marti Parry. The Violin will travel from the festival to NYC to open on the main stage for the Post 9/11 ceremony and then to Auschwitz to play for healing at their opening.


The festival is September 10 -11, 2016
10am – 5pm
Burbank Ca 
Burbank Marriott Hotel, 2500 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank CA
Free to the main festival
$15 for Masquerade Ball
$35 for Michael and Marti Parry Gallery

The Pagan Day Festival was the first festival in Los Angeles to include all religions, both Pagans and Mainstream and the first festival to invite the general public to come and educate themselves in a fun and wonderful setting. Since 1999, the festival has been received incredibly by news cameras, reporters, writers and AP photographers and independent writers in hundreds of press articles. We were the first festival to be acknowledged by the city and received proclamations from Los Angeles and West Hollywood acknowledging the ancient religions and our festival. This year, our focus shifted to work with Rev Patrick McCollum from the UN, the first openly Pagan UN member, to promote healing and peace in a world that has been filled with too much hatred from the elections to the recent police activity.

About Pagan Day Fest.

Pagan Day Festival is the largest tolerance festival in Los Angeles, CA. We started in 1999 and had to take a slight hiatus due to health problems of our coordinator, Rev. Jymie Darling, world renown occultist with over 

200 articles written on her and television personality as well as movies. Now we are back and bigger than ever!  We were the first and only festival to extend our hands out to EVERY philosophy and theology. http://www.facebook.com/pagandayfest andhttp://www.pagandayfest.com 

The Press industry is also granted special access to the fest which can be found athttp://www.pagandayfest.com/press.htm