I read the news today…oh boy…

Bricks, Molotov Cocktails and Rocks. One dropped a chunk of cement off a bridge onto a officer’s head. Police injured. People dead. Murder. Mayhem. Police Brutality. How does this help your cause? This is not the right response.

Let us think this through. This causes people to look at you and say…well…they wonder why they are seen as out of control criminals. The movement says EYE FOR AN EYE. This has never worked in any case throughout history. #nolivesmatter when we become criminal and act up with such disdain. Martin Luther King. Do not tell me that does not apply.

There were widespread lynchings, beatings, murders and police brutality. Martin Luther King Jr. took to the streets. He begged for recognition and equality. Whites joined the march. They locked arms. In the face of batons to their faces, they never raised a hand. Blacks and whites took the beatings together and the country was outraged. Police were cleaned up. Laws were made. Equality was accomplished. No businesses were burned to the ground and no officer’s lost their lives to mob mentality animals running amok. Ghandi. King. Just SOME of the greatest movements and all accomplished without wrecking events or throwing molotov cocktails. And people listened. People cared. The minority stood with racism and brutality and they were pressured to change.

Instead of yelling “I am black and I matter” try yelling “I am a human being. I am YOU. We matter”. Make everyone see each other as themselves and not just another face on our facebook.

In the 60’s, the protesters were peaceful (except the terrorism group of Black Panthers and the KKK). They did sit ins…in places that were significant. Places that mattered. Not a damn food fest in Chicago or in Midday traffic on a highway. Permits were applied and approved. Stages set up. Hollywood stars showed up. Press showed up. People were sympathetic. The communities united. The people were one. THAT…THAT is how you get real change. THAT is how you get things done correctly. The Presidents at the time HAD to answer and they had to do so for the good of ALL. Not by baiting further divide in their speech. Obama is ineffective as a uniter. But maybe, just maybe, he does not want to. After all, this is how you get martial law put into place. Tanks going down our streets to force compliance. This is how we become China.

Let’s take all of the righteous anger that you have and put it into the most powerful movement against government abuse and brutality…through unity and peace. Right now…we just look like a country in turmoil that hates each other so badly that we devolve into…#nolivesmatter because we kill each other to get our point across that we do not want to kill each other and we are tired of being killed so we kill each other some more.

Let’s show them that we will not be ignored because of unity and peaceful protest. Let’s show them who the aggressors truly are. Let’s show them that we will not allow police brutality against ANYONE or they answer to the WHOLE not the wild pack of beasts.

Now, I know, I am going to get a bunch of “fuck you” and “you do not know shit” and “how would you know, white priviledge bitch” or I might even get skewed and misquoted upon your facebooks by only taking one sentence that you did not like and taking the whole thing out of context. #igotFOXED

I really no longer care. I am so tired and ill from the violence and hatred. The sitting behind our screens and attacking each other with racist names. The fact that we are disconnected from each other so greatly that we become animals that can type hatred and spew forth violence across a keyboard. Maybe, tho, this will start to ring true to some and it can spread so that we, as a whole race…the human race, can create the change needed to begin some healing. Ta and may whatever god or entity or spirit or energy that you hold sacred, help you find the peace that you need in your lives and hopefully, we can sort this out with each other and unite against the real enemy here (and no not each other and no not the cop on the corner), the system designed to allow this to happen to ANYONE.

#iamNOTahippy #IweepfortheWorld