A Thank You

I want to stop for a moment and thank everyone that has read the blogs so far. It has been incredible to write down experiences and the what nots. I never considered myself an excellent writer nor story teller. My books are more factual and how-to . I avoid major publishers because I avoid editors and pressures to change the facts to popular opinion.

I was bowled over at the private response to my blogs. The love of the style that I write in and the ability to tell a story that keeps people hanging on the next sentence. Wow. Just wow. Thank you. I am bowled over.

More than that…I am beside myself that one of my blogs has been optioned to be a movie. That I have been asked to write a treatment and screenplay based off of it. I am working hard on that and with the help of some great writer friends, learning how to do such a feat (a lot harder than one would think).

So thank you to everyone and I will get back onto the blogs immediately as I have more stories to tell you about more things that has happened.

Much Love,