I am sitting here thinking about some of the crazy and bizarre stuff I have encountered when I owned the Nations Oldest Occult Store, Panpipes, for 19 years…

I think one of the most bizarre came just after Panpipes..

A little psycho…errr…I mean psychic, named M. Bargas came to me (that nightmare only lasted less than a month of being in business with what I consider to be a thief and pathological liar…she is now the liability of Mystic Journey in Venice).

She sat down and told to me a story of how she knows the spell to win the lottery. That her and another psychotic friend that is heroin fried won the lottery. Only a small amount. I smiled as if to say “you really do not think I buy that bullshit, right?!”

She went on to brag on how famous and connected she is…all of which panned out to be outright lies.

I saw a post being passed around a few months ago…A gofundme. Now, I am all for gofundme. It got me through a rough patch while awaited for the VA to give me back disability pay and my monthly checks…thank the gods…90% with an unemployable rating on top. PTSD at 70%. Traumatic brain injury with cognitive damage at 70%. Knee at 20%. Migraines as a result of tbi at 50%. Equals out to 90%. Lol…but Yaay!!!

But here was the all powerful “Hollywood witch”…which she is not in Hollywood nor has clients there…asking for $2000. Her car was hit and she was being evicted.

Weirdest part, no one in the community asked “why don’t you win the lottery?” So I did…

The result…A ton of fake sites went up about me with so called testimonials claiming I claimed so much obvious fake stuff…I have seen some crooked psychics out there…but ones that believe their own bullshit…so far…one! Marie!!!

I still wonder tho….does she believe that because she got lucky on one lottery…that she has the power to win them? If so, why not win? You would then not be evicted…