Welcome back to the Spirit Room with your hostess and story weaver, Jymie Darling.

Oh the things I have seen over the years in the occult, so much bizarre and wonderful things.

One story comes to mind tonight…and it is actually more than one…but this one follows the same storyline, over and over and over again.

I always knew when the Craft played on some channel. The people would come in and ask “how do you change your hair color?” My answer “hair dye.”  “Okay,  but what about eye color?” My answer “contacts” Always the same…then one day someone came in and asked “how do change my attitude?”

I stood there for a moment..confused by the question. They added “I want to be a male a slut”.

I asked “should you be asking how to be a male first?”

She looked at me straight faced, dropped her pants and said.. “got that covered.”

She had a hotdog tied to her waist.

I looked at her and said….”well….A little mustard and that should bring the girls running.”

She thanked me and left.