The spirits are flying about. The room becomes to fall. The shadows turn dark and dance. The night begins to crawl and I appear to bring to you another tale of adventure. I think I will call each of the blogs of my experiences this from now on….the Spirit Room. Where I will recall all the weirdness, the absurdity and insanity I have had the pleasure of living.

I am going to dream a life and live a dream…..

The funniest part of being so long in the occult is listening to the tales of others and watching my humor turn to horror as I watch people fall for the insanity.

Story number 2..

I am standing in the store, Panpipes Magickal Marketplace. 19 years of pure comedic and horror inducing material at times. I loved the opportunity to help so many people and to experience what I have done but there are some times I wonder to myself how I stayed in the insanity for so long and came out normal (twitch…twitch). I think that is where I lost my filtration system…perhaps I never had it to begin with. I guess only my high school friends would know that. I thought of myself as shy and reserved…I do not know anymore.

Anyway, standing in the store and this guy walks in. I know him. He buys a candle here and there. No problems really. Sometimes a bit off in energy but no real problems.

He walks around the store and walks back up to the front of the store to the mannequin. He stops and puts a bag of something and a joint at his feet. I get concerned. Awesome…is that meth? Is that coke? Is it baby powder? Oh…why? Why me?


I take a deep breath and start thinking of what to do next. Drugs? Mental illness? Both? Drunk? Oh, why me? Why? Freaking Hollywood.

I walk up calmly and say: “Hey, what’s up luv?” He turns to me with a smell of death from his mouth and says “He rapes me at night. He needs to stop. Will make him stop?”

I said, very calmly “Oh. He did that? Well, I will make sure to bind him so that he never does that to anyone else ever again. I promise you that once I cut off his man hood that will never happen again. I have a zero rapist policy. Ok?”

He smiled hugged me and grabbed the baggy and said “The joint stays for him. The coke is for you. And please leave his manhood, I still like to invite him home sometimes. Thank you so much. I knew you would understand.”

He left. I laughed and cried at the same time holding the bag of coke. Awesome. Called a detective friend of mine and turned it in but not him. Said I could not remember what he looked like.

He returned after that and brought me flowers and the mannequin chocolates.