I have always prided myself on my education. The universities I attended and graduated from. My library of antique books that I have read. My travels and the antiquated places I have visited and learned from. The philosophies that I have grasped and put together from Babylon to Chaos Quantum. None of this taught me as much as a horse.

Do not misunderstand, I am still fond of my accomplishments. I actually was raised in Whittier where we were allowed goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, birds and a burro named buckey, a turkey named Agnes and a pig named supper. All were pets. I really thought I understood so much.

I was floored and humbled when faced with a horse. They mirror you. Not just your great attributes… No….they mirror your weakness and flaws.

I was suddenly faced with my own fears, my own weaknesses and my own flaws. In a horse. I tried so hard to understand… Wtf is wrong with this damn horse? I tell him something…I teach him something… And to no avail.

Frustrated and impatient, I frequently threw my arms up and stomped away.

Then someone told me, they are you. I laughed. Insanity. Awesome. Then another, then another, then another. Eventually, I had to sit down and self examine myself. I looked at Roo and I had to see myself. Devastating. Discovery. Acceptance.

Now, I work on myself to work on him. I see his faults as mine and correct myself. Amazingly, it corrects him. If I examine my own faults and correct them, he is automatically corrected …like magick.

Now from the eyes of two psycho stalkers that have repeatedly posted false info on a series of ‘official’ looking fake websites. I actually am no longer upset. I see it as your projection of yourselves. You are the frauds. You are the unstable ones. And until you fix àyourselves, you will forever attack someone unprovoked. You are not my problem. You are your own problem and you are your own misery. Throwing lies to cover your own fraud and shortcomings. Maybe you need a horse? Although, the horse might have a nervous breakdown with your psychosis. Yeah. Maybe no horse for you.

Now, I have to do some soul searching with my horse…we ran into a situation and I have to figure it out…what it is within me that Roo is mirroring.


Roo with trainer #amyewing taking second place at #fiesta2016

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Remember, we are not the top of the chain in life…so many things can teach us many more things than a book, Google or a professor, you just have to listen.

Happy trails…

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