Incredible weekend coming up. June 23rd through the 26th brings the Pacific Circle Revival.

Babylon Gardens Apothecary will be attending…but there is so much more happening and a lot great activities.

I will be doing a few things…first and foremost…of course #babylongardensapothecary will be there with our fantastic attar blends and ancient alchemy items by myself, master alchemist #jymiedarling

On Friday, at 10 am, I am teaching a kids (or anybody) Understanding Animals. What can they teach us and how do we center ourselves to connect.

At 5pm, I teach a children’s wand making class. Creating from what we find plus crystals and more!!

At 8pm, during the dinner break….I have a special treat. Come over to our tent for a taste testing menu of alchemically correct food. Understand how the planets work together and enjoy some of the recipes in my new cookbook.

On Saturday, at 1pm, I will be teaching the Unfolding of the Self with Qabala, Tree of Life and Alchemy.

During the day, I will be signing all my books including….two new books…Alchemy Encyclopedia for Magickal Herbs with the proper planetary crosses and the Cooking with Alchemy cookbook.

On Friday and Saturday, I will also be signing copies of my new tarot deck as well as handing out free mini readings with the deck.

Saturday, during dinner break…another taste testing of alchemy cooking and a special Vodou food game!!! Very Baron…

So join me as I unveil Darling Tarot, 2 new books…and a food tasting party.

There will be other surprises as well!!!