The Master Process ($500):

1. The first step is I cut out the vellum paper. I soak the paper in essential oils and exotic attars to charge the vellum

2. After the vellum dries. I sketch each card out with the basic idea and then fine tune it with symbolism.

3. I spray the cards with a light mist of another charging blend of oils.

4. I place the cards into a bowl of powdered frankincense, myrrh and nutmeg.

5. I begin the process of painting with pigment style paints. These are made with crushed stones, roots, leaves, petals, barks, etc. The agent to create the paint is an egg tempura blend.

6. Each base color is made and then blended together to create the standout colors.

7. Each card is created with the ancient definition of talisman magick. “a true talisman is created when the creator sits down to create the talisman with only one focus in mind. That focus is the job of talisman. The creator works without distraction of a single other thought from start to finish of that talisman.”

8. The cards are then outlined in the gold.

9. The cards are then once again charged on the back side with oils to the meaning of the card.

10. The backing cards are a heavy poster board that is blessed with oils and then dried in herbs. Painted with pigment. Charged to simple clarity.

11. The cards and boards are sealed with a Dammar resin sealer.

12. The backs are painted with the gold. Sealed with the sigil of the deck and then with the dammar.

13. The final step is the sides being oiled with each meaning of the cards for the majors and the minors are then oiled to the element and planets. Gold edged. Dammar sealed.

From there the box is then worked. Wooden box with an engraved and then burned sigil of the deck. The box is oiled with essential blends for clarity, success and protection. Stained. Sealed.

Each master deck is then lovingly wrapped in a silk cloth and placed in the box with the instruction booklet.

Each instruction book is hand written in Indian Ink on parchment paper with a specific to each different deck.