How to spot a snake oil Psychic

by Jymie Darling

There is an immense trend that has been happening and it is disturbing. In the last 20+ years that I have been in this community with 19 years spent on the floor in the Nation’s Oldest Occult Store, I have seen thieving like no other.

Cursed. Hexed.

So many people go to psychics. So many psychics tell people that they are cursed and hexed. That they have been cursed by an enemy or better yet, your family line is cursed and it has spread to you.


99% of you are not cursed. 99% of you have not been hexed. It is a joke. It is a game. 99% of you are having a bad cycle. A bad cycle is different than a curse. A bad cycle is a cycle of events that are happening to you that seems like a curse but in reality, it is a lesson that you are suppose to learn from and it is a hard lesson. When you do not learn that lesson, it becomes a worse cycle each time. It feels like a demon. It feels like a curse. It is NOT. You might want it to be.

Why would you want it to be a curse? Because it is usually easier to believe that is something outside of you. It is much harder to face the self. To face our actions. To see our faults. To learn our lessons so that we can move forward.

The Game.

Now, you go into a psychic. They do not survive off of the $10, $25 or $50. They would have to do so many a day to make rent, insurance, utilities, paychecks, etc. So the next level game happens.

You go in. They play on your fears. They play on your doubts. They play to your wishes and desires.

Advice is free but that does not pay the bills. To truly cleanse yourself is extremely easy. It truly is. You do not need ‘the game’. But what is the game?

You need a special candle. It is only ($50 – $1000). You need me to do a special blessing. It is only ($100 – $5000). You need a special cleansing. It is only ($100-$4000). You only need to see me (2x – 5x) a week.

The Reality.

The reality is that the local psychics would buy those ‘special’ candles from stores such as mine. And they did. It is only $10 or less. A salt bath is usually what is needed. Salt. Any salt. Every salt. Want one made alchemically correct? $6. Want an oil for clarity and to move forward? It is only $8 to $15. That is it. It is that simple. Seriously that simple.

The reality of this entire game is that you are not cursed. You are not hexed. You are in a bad cycle. You can tear yourself out of the cycle for $15 max for an item or a whopping…drum roll please…$31 for a package of bath salts, candle and oil.

Keep in mind…that is all you need. In reality for the bad cycle, you need not spend an arm and a leg to get out of that cycle. You need to simply have clarity in the cycle.

P.S. There is also a phenom known as the Voodoo Curse to us in the occult. That is: If I tell you that you are cursed, you make yourself cursed. No one has to do a thing to you. Curses are 99% not real. That is the dirty little secret of the occult and the major plotline in Hollywood.