Totems. Especially animal totems. Everyone believes that you only have one and that they are some sort of life time thing. But that is not true. I have taught this for over 15 years and with the help of several tribe members.

There is an animal as a group that is constantly in your life. This is called a life totem. It is meant to teach you the greater lesson in life. It some group that is near and dear to the heart and you usually see as the pet in the family. Without it, you seem lost. It is because it is a constant lesson for an entire lifetime.
There is a group of animals that show up and you see constantly for some reason. Such as a sudden appearance of crows that become noticeable in a disturbing manner. That is your path guide. You path guide changes and appears when it is important to the moment to learn something from them.
Then there is your personal animal guide. That becomes a specific animal. They may not stay in your life in the same ROLE but they stay in your life. They come in with a drastic change and impact. They prep us for something. They teach us our wings. They step down when they have travelled all they can with us but they never go away. Sometimes they grow with us for a lifetime and stay in that role. Sometimes, they have to take a step back so you can continue to grow. They know. We do not. They understand. We sometimes find it hard to understand. They never leave us. They just change their role. It hurts our hearts. It fills theirs. The pain goes away when we realize it is not sorrow to either but a simple change. Like a parent watching a child grow up and change. You are the child.

Know when it is time to lay low and conceal yourself until the exact right moment. Flying under the radar is the best way for you to get what you want right now. Stay stealth and examine the situation before action.
Are you following when you should be leading? Maybe it’s time to find a new direction and forget your current path. Are simply following the pack that serves someone else and not you? Is your hard work to serve you? Perhaps now is the time for you to change to serving the self. Break from the colony and use your work to create your own colony!

Take a leap of faith and go ahead with what you have been thinking. Follow your instincts and move with confidence and move quickly. It is time for you trust in your instinct and move towards it quickly. However, always remain watchful. Do not move with your head in the clouds. Keep watchful of all that is around you and question anyone that seems to be stalking in the sidelines.
Don’t give up easily. You are going to have to be more persistent and more patient. You own time and your own pace. Slow and steady is winning your race right now. Stay grounded. Stay realistic but let your star shine. It is time for you to rise above the rest. To truly shine. Trust and faith in yourself is a must.
Know that part of this process you are currently going through is connected to your dreams coming true. It is a time for you to trust in your other senses. Seeing is not always believing. Do not trust what you see or what others are trying to show you. Trust in other senses including intuition. Stay stealth. Fly in the night towards your goals. Meditate and learn to develop other senses.
Be clear about where your boundaries are. Stand your ground. You have the need to nurture those around you right now. Free those around you from fear. Figure out if they are in a moment of problems and help them. Figure out if you are hiding from fears right now. Bears teach confidence and strength. To lose fears that are not useful to you and are holding you back right now. Come out of your cave and roar.
more animals coming in other blogs….I have so many things happening right now that I can only dedicated a few moments a day to teaching here. But I promise more soon!!! No later than tomorrow! Maybe later today! 🙂