Moon dishes may never be mixed with Sun or Mars. Never. It is chaotic and tends to upset the mind and digestive tracts.

Sun dishes are meant to inspire the feeling of success and money. Great for business meetings. Wonderful if you are trying to achieve any partnerships or agreements.

Moon dishes are meant to calm and relax people. Give them a feeling of peace and tranquility. They banish negativity.

Mars dishes are passionate and full of energy. They bring out the spark and sexiness in people. They make for a wonderful party dish.

Mercury dishes are created to bring about communication, creativity and higher awareness in life. They make people become thoughtful and genuine. They bring about the philosophical conversations at the table.

Jupiter dishes are created for health and prosperity. They are wonderful to make a party feel good about themselves and adventurous at the same time. They are healthy dishes that create a wonderful feeling in the mind and body. Comfort food comes to mind when thinking about these dishes.

Venus dishes are for the romantic and loving meals. They are perfect for bringing back that romance and love or for creating a new one.

Saturn dishes are for lust and debauchery. They bring about a feeling of sexual desire and longing. They are meant to be bring about a control and dominating emotion.

It is not enough to simply create a course of simply Venus for love. A true spiritual food transcendence comes when the chef blends and cooks a combination of planets for the exact manipulation of the senses. An example of this would be a Venus appetizer to set the mood. Followed by a Saturn salad. Serve a Mars main course. The Venus appetizer would set the mood of love. The Saturn salad would set the tone of lust and desire. The Mars meal would create the passion in the person. The dessert would be how you want to end the tone. A Saturn dessert would ignite the passion and lust. A Mars dessert would flames the passionate fires. A Sun dessert would seal a successful night. A Venus dessert would bring the romance at the end. It is important to decide not only all the emotions you wish to create during the meal but to keep in mind the note that you want to end with as that is the last emotion to leave the table. This is where so many meals go wrong: The ultimate goal and achievement from beginning to end.

Using the recipes in my upcoming book, you can create a masterpiece with every meal. From your start of the day to the end of it, you create your mindset and therefore create your day and those that you cook for. So go forth, create and enjoy!