Kai and I
Kai Blackwood and Jymie Darling Signing at the Babylon Gardens Apothecary booth

So, I took some time this weekend to go out and vend at Days of the Dead, a horror fest in Burbank, CA.

Incredible fun! Babylon Gardens Apothecary did astounding! But then there was a reunion that was unexpected. I ran into Kai.

Kai and I starred in a doco movie called I Sold My Soul To Satan. It was an insane movie to be on. The set had some of the craziest stuff happen and there was some stuff that happened that was frightening.

The movie is a documentary on Goetia as done through Crowley, Mathers, Grand Grimoire, Grimorium Verum and the Lemegeton.

I was the consultant behind and in front of the cameras. I met great people. I had a wonderful time. I found 40 of the first director’s cut (unavailable now) and had them at the table.

Kai happened to be at the festival and we ran into each other. Laughed. Compared notes years later on the filming and sat down and signed our DVD’s.

We have, for years, tried to separate ourselves from this movie. Why? Well, so many things went horribly wrong in everyone’s life afterwards and then we have, for several years now, each fielded at least 100 emails a day about the movie. From crazy Christians wanting to kill us to Muslims begging to help them to being smeared by crazy individual stalkers on the web with lies about our pasts.

Lately, we are embracing this and trying to speak to people about it and shrugging off the stalkers, the crazies, the smear campaign by hardcore Christians with their photoshopped “proof” and false “anon” writings, etc.

We have finally come together and agreed…We will actually come back out and talk about the film. We will even accept offers to be hired for a Q & A panel at any screening (we have ducked those offers for so many years). Well….this was a prosperous and great new start that was this weekend!

Cannot wait!!!

Jymie Lynn Darling
Jymie Darling on Set of I Sold My Soul to Satan