What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is the occult science of transmutation. It is the ability to create and shape ourselves and our destiny through the subtle manipulation of ourselves and our surroundings. To push and rebuild the boundaries of our goals by creating a perfect vessel of ourselves.

What is food Alchemy?

It is the ability to begin that creation within ourselves. To format the self from within. The most powerful tool we have in this world, both mundane and magickal, is…well, OURSELVES. We are the master of our destiny and not a passenger of fate.

We begin by using the science and art of alchemy in food. By starting ourselves as a sacred space. By naturally making and pushing ourselves the catalyst energy towards our goals.

And that is what she does here at Alchemy Confections and it is just the beginning to a revolution of thought, body and energy.

I am currently working on a cookbook that will put recipes into perspective.

What sets this cookbook apart from the cookbooks you find on the shelves in all the genres in the stores and online? This cookbook brings a conscience awakening to the soul using food. It creates a destiny in the kitchen. It is not typical recipes found in exotic places. It does quote recipes you can find elsewhere with just a slight twist. This book offers you a chance to cook with not only taste perfection but with a perfection of a higher self. These recipes take exotic ingredients that have meanings and transforms them into a culinary delight for the lower self and the higher self.

 Jymie Darling has decades of experience in cooking with Alchemy for many spiritual events and is a leader in the esoteric community. She now brings to you her science and art of alchemy in a unique cookbook and guide to controlling one’s destiny through the inner soul temple of nourishment.

 Cooking is both a science and an art. Anyone can become a scientific genius and master artist. Great dishes have, throughout history, emerged from those chefs and cooks that have intimate knowledge of the Alchemy of Cooking. This book will bring those secrets to your fingertips. Using the profane knowledge of cooking alongside the ancient arts of Planetary Alchemy, you will be able to mix and match recipes for a full course meal that will make you a master chef.

 Food is of the soul. It can create or destroy an event or an evening. Alchemy serves to feed the soul on a level that equates each meal with a spiritual event. Yes, food can be a spiritual event when done correctly. To master the art of a perfect full course meal, one must follow basic rules of Alchemy and Alchemical cooking. You can magickally create a destiny of the evening with a simple meal.

 The rules are simple. Each herb, each spice, each vegetable, each meat, each ingredient that you cook with has an alchemical planetary aspect to it. The art to the science of cooking will lie in how you combine these ingredients and doing them properly. Ingredients that are alchemically opposed with each other will cause chaos not only in the dish, but throughout the entire meal. Every course should be able to transmute to each other to create a transcendence of taste.


Good luck fellow traveller and may you rule your universe!