Wow…I am out of retirement. I am actually thrilled to be dragged from the boredom ditches of hell and reconnect. I am the REAL Jymie Darling. So far, I have been crucified by a few idiots for:

  1. A  costume class that benefitted us veterans.
  2. Not releasing classified info about my military career.
  3. Not releasing my ex husbands last name to verify my university in Europe nor here.
  4. Being an occultist
  5. Being real.
  6. Being truthful.
  7. Being a not so politically correct figure in public eye and in press.

I do not know how to break it to all of you, I actually do not care about your psycho antics.

I am a USAF Veteran on a disability pension for a TBI, bad knees and PTSD. I am a world renown and infamous Occultist. I am a true asshole from the get go that never bends to the misogynist cries of the men who have felt threatened by me. I will not be shouted and intimidated down by the slander and libel of Military Phonies site (which has been disowned by Stolen Valor, who funny enough, cleared me of any and all wrong doing…miss the memo idiots over at that site or does it not serve your agenda?)

So, I have come back to the public eye to vend, to speak, to lecture, to do interviews and to write. It feels good although I will truly miss my XBOX ONE. I was just getting into some intense games…dammit.

So sit back and enjoy the Jymie Darling show as I am back and ready to lay down some shit that will spiritually blow your minds!!!

Oh…and for the other lies…….published about me:

instagram: FiendishJyms

AND I am enjoying great success with only 4 months out of retirement!!!

I have certainly NOT disappeared from social media! And that pic is not circa 1998 as most are saying there is no updated photo of me…lol. That was February this year!